Meet our Au Pairs

Cultural Care Au Pairs travel from over 20 countries around the world, arriving to host families in all corners of the USA. Each began their adventure with an aim to grow personally and professionally, improve their English and learn about American life alongside a supportive host family. 

Their experiences are as different as each of them but they agree that a year with the au pair programme will not only change your life, the experience will change you for the better. See for yourself and take a look at these au pairs who tell us how they discovered the rewards of the programme.

Siddiqa, au pair in New Jersey

Siddiqa, went to her host family in Princeton Junction, NJ in March 2014. Below she tells us about her au pair experience!

"I looked after two active and passionate young boys in New Jersey and I can say it was the most interesting and life-changing experience of my life!

Why did you decide to go with Cultural Care Au Pair?

"There are many agencies to select from when deciding to join an Au Pair agency but I knew Cultural Care Au Pair was the one for me because of how much support and feedback I received from the office in London. I felt confident that this agency was best for me after I had the information meeting. It was lovely talking to a former au pair so I can find out all the nitty gritty details about being an Au Pair in America!"

How did you choose your host family or how did you know they were the right match for you?

"Overall, I had two interviews with two different host families. I decided to go with my second match host family. I knew that this host family were perfect for me during our first interview on Skype. I was advised by the Cultural Care office with all the questions I should ask my host family so I was aware of what is expected of me as an Au Pair and, as an additional member of the family. What made me certain to go with my host family was based on how my host parents and I communicate with each other. It was powerful, effective and we both understood the Au Pair program."

How did you feel during the first weeks after arrival in the U.S.?

"Nervous and excited! I was traveling to the U.S by myself for the first time ever! Once I got to the training school in N.Y, I felt calmer. All the other girls I met were in the exact position as me so we all became friends instantly. I learned a lot of things at the training school such as First Aid. This helped me feel prepared for potential difficult situations I may have with my host kids.
I was so excited to meet my host parents and start building positive relationships with my host kids and I still remember the first time I met them. They were running around naked in the living room! They became very comfortable with me and I loved spending every minute with them! I was new to their family, neighbourhood, and city but my host parents were very empathetic and showed me around the area. After meeting my LCC in Princeton, I felt like this was the perfect place for me! I met other au pairs and I made three best friends from Germany and Mexico who were also au pairs just like me!"

Why did you decide to become an au pair?

"I wanted to be an Au Pair in USA because my main goal in life is to become a teacher. I wanted more experience with children but from a close and personal experience. I also wanted to travel across America while I was young. Not only has being an Au Pair helped me to accomplish my goals in traveling, but now I can also kick start my career in teaching."

Ella, au pair in California

Ella, has been with her host family in San Diego, CA since September 2015. Below she tells us about her experience so far!

''Travelling to the USA and working with children has always been a dream of mine and after hearing about the opportunity to work as an Au pair in America with Cultural Care through a friend, I knew that this was an opportunity that I could not miss out on.

Cultural Care helped guide and support me throughout the whole process and I felt completely assured that this was the right decision for me. I was lucky enough to find the perfect host family very quickly and our common interests and active lifestyles made us an ideal match, however it wasn't until I interviewed with the family via Skype that we clicked and I knew that they were the family I wanted to embark on this incredible adventure with.

My first stop in the USA was the Training school in New York, everyone here made you feel so welcome and at ease. Although I was nervous to start with the staff helped prepare you for the year to come and by the end of the week I was just excited to meet my host family. During my time here in the USA so far I have met some incredible lifelong friends and embarked on some amazing adventures such as an incredible week long vacation in Hawaii and much more.

I would definitely recommend Cultural Care to others. When I first came to the USA I was homesick for my first few weeks, but it passed and I began to make a life over here, meet incredible friends, grow as a person and experience things I once only dreamed of. This has been one of the best decisions I have made and I look forward to what exciting adventures are still com''

Ella's host family, the Douglas family, also wanted to say a few words about their experience so far!

“Having an au pair has been the best decision for our family. We have gotten so much more than just amazing care for our children; she has become truly an extension of our family. Through our au pair, our family has been exposed to other cultures and we have been very proud to share our lives with her.”