Matching with Your Host Family

Cultural Care Au Pair has the largest network of host families in the USA and you will get the chance to view applications and talk to families until you have found a family you would love to live and work with. Before any final decisions are made, the Cultural Care Au Pair matching process gives you the chance to review applications from host families with the option to accept or deny any offers made by host families.

Would you fit better in a sporty and active family or a family who loves reading and games? Our Matching Team’s goal is to make the best match for you and your host family. Unlike other au pair organisations that rely mainly on impersonal online systems to match you with a host family, we have experienced staff in the USA, who are personally involved in matching all our au pairs with host families. We find that this personal approach that is more customised and flexible provides the best way to make successful matches. 

How does the matching process work?

  • When your application is accepted, it is handled by our office in Boston where our Placement Managers review your skills and qualifications.
  • Once they find a good match, they will connect you and the host family through your Online Account where you’ll be able to see some basic information about the host family, the children and where they live in the USA.
  • The host family will then review your full online application and look at your video to get to know you better. 
  • If the host family feels that your profile fits in with their family, they will call or email you for a phone interview.
  • After the phone interview, you and the family each get some time to decide if this is the right match for you.
  • Once you have a mutually agreeable match, planning for your travel can begin.


Au pairs often have lots of questions about the phone interview and many are very nervous about this part of the application process. While it can be a challenge to have a phone interview, we will help you prepare for this step just like we do during the rest of your application. Our best advice when being interviewed by a potential host family is to prepare a few questions you would like to ask the host family, so you can get to know them better in order to find out if you want to be matched with them.

After you accept an offer from a host family, you apply for your visa with the help of your local Cultural Care Au Pair office.