Opportunities to Travel

Being a Cultural Care Au Pair is an affordable and safe way for you to work with children and travel abroad while having the adventure of a lifetime. Many of our au pairs travel together during and after their au pair year, making the adventure even more fun and leading to memories you’ll cherish forever. Where you go is up to you, and the choices are as vast as the USA itself. 

During your year in your host community you will come to know the area really well. Since most of our au pairs are placed in urban or suburban areas, you will have lots to see and do within a few hours’ drive of your American home! You will also have time to go even further from home and see some of the unique sites the USA has to offer.

The 30 day grace period at the end of your year as part of your J-1 visa gives you a full month to travel and experience America first hand: How does the USA differ from home? Come find out!